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Camera Gear Repair Services

We have a philosophy that anything broken can be fixed. However, sometimes a repair may not make economic sense. Our staff can help you determine the best course of action and give you an immediate rough idea of what a repair will likely cost. For more information call 610-527-0300

Camera Cleaning

Starting at $39.99

Consider it a car wash for your camera. Whether it's a sleek, little compact or a rugged SLR our in-house "clean and check" will have your camera looking its best. Furthermore, we ensure that your camera is performing properly.

Camera Repairs
Sensor Cleaning

Sensor Cleaning

Starting at $69.99

Have you noticed small dark spots recurring around the same location in your photos? This is commonly caused by dust or residue on your cameras image-capture device (CCD or CMOS).

Our thorough cleaning process is designed to rid your sensor of all foreign elements. We first vacuum the area around the sensor to collect any dust that may attach itself to your sensor in the immediate future. Next, we use an antistatic brush to sweep the optic glass protecting your sensor.

Finally, a custom fitted wet swab is used to swipe the glass completely.

Full Frame Sensors $99.99

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