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1.  Why should I sell my gear at your Trade-In Trade-Up Event?

Because it’s simple and it’s quick.  You walk in with your gear, and you walk outwith a check or trade-in voucher.  You don’t have to post photos and descriptions of your gear online, put your information on the internet, or meet some stranger in a parking lot in hopes of making a smooth transaction.


2. How much should I expect to get for my gear?

Top dollar.  The Camera Shop has teamed with Rob Kepko of Calagaz Photo of Florida who knows this industry inside and out.  Appraising and purchasing camera equipment is what he does for a living.  He is familiar with the competition.  That’s why we can say we will pay you top dollar when compared to others that provide the same service.  Bring in the gear that you no longer use or want, and get an offer.  You have nothing to lose!  


3. I inherited some old cameras and lenses.   Can I just sell you the gear?

Yes.  You don’t have to trade up to new gear.  You can bring your gear in, get your check, walk out and drive off.  You may have no interest in photography, but inherited a closet full of camera equipment. You can take the money and run (or walk, or strut, it's up to you)!  No one will pressure you into buying anything.


4 . What kind of gear do you buy?

Just about anything related to photography. There’s more stuff of interest (and value) than not.

Here’s the short list:

-Digital Cameras  

-SLR Cameras

-Film Cameras

-Point and Shoot Cameras

-Large Format Cameras 4x5 and 11x14

-Digital Lenses

-Film Lenses  

-And much more.  You may be surprised.


Here are a few things that they don’t usually buy:  No tripods, darkroom equipment, or [most] old Polaroid cameras.


5. How do I get paid?

You have a choice. You can get paid with a company check or get a trade-in voucher to use towards new camera gear or services.  If you elect to get a trade-in voucher, it will include an additional 10% value.  For example, if the value of your gear is $1,000, you can either receive a check for $1,000 or a voucher for $1,100 to be used at The Camera Shop for equipment or services.


6.  How long does theprocess take?  

Minutes.  Once we take a look at your equipment, you will receive an offer. We will write a check or give you a trade-in voucher within minutes after you’ve accepted the offer.  

There may be other customers ahead of you. This is a popular event, and it is first come - first served.


7.  If I decide to geta trade-in voucher what can I apply it towards?

Anything The Camera Shop sells, be it goods or services.  If new equipment is not on your shopping list perhaps one of our many service offerings may be ofinterest.  For example, you can trade-in that Canon AE-1 you haven’t touched since college for a beautiful canvas print.

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