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scanning & archiving

Photos, Negatives & Slides Scanning

Do you have a “shoebox” full of photos or other memories hidden away? As you may or may not know, not all film ages well. The film type, the quality of the processing, and the storage environment all influence stability. We can help you preserve your negatives, slides and prints by digitizing them.  Afterward, the images are perfect for sharing online, making new prints, including in slideshows, sharing with family, etc.

Do it now before it’s too late!

Scanning & Archiving

Options for archiving prints:

Shoebox Scanning

$25.00 minimum

For bulk photo scanning, we recommend our “shoebox” service.  Starting at only $0.50 per print, this service is a great way to get your pictures out of the closet and enjoy them again! After scanning, they are perfect for sharing online, making new prints, banners, posters and including in slideshows.

Digital Capture

Starting at $25.00

If there is a photograph or original piece that you would like archived and/or duplicated, but it is too large to scan, or it is custom framed, we can make a high-resolution digital capture of it and then give it the same expert attention as a flatbed scan.

Flatbed Scanning

Starting at $10.00

The highest quality scan that we offer.  One of our expert staff will perform a basic correction on your image, adjusting the color, contrast, density, as well as basic sharpening and dust removal.  Your cherished memory is now prepped and ready to become a canvas wrap, a custom-framed fine art print, or any of the many services we offer.  The possibilities are endless!

Photo Alterations

If you are looking to make any changes to your photo, check out our Enhancement & Restoration section.

Negatives & Slides

Negatives & Slides

We offer two levels of resolution. Standard resolution scans allow for printing up to 12”x18”, while maximum resolution scans allow for printing up to 20”x30”.  Files are digitally archived to your choice of USB Flashdrive or DVD, giving you the ability to make prints, books, share with family, or create photo gifts.

  • Slide Scanning - We can scan stacks of loose slides, as well as those stored in Kodak carousels
  • Negative Scanning -  We turn your negatives into positive digital files, for easy viewing.  We can scan all negative formats.

We also scan entire albums

If you have an album full of memories but the photos and pages are becoming fragile with age, or maybe you just want a digital copy to share with others, let us take care of that for you.  We will make sure to capture all of the content on each page–handwritten notes and other trinkets.

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We also scan entire albums